Saturday, September 1, 2012

August 27 , 2012.

Ayush Homams are being regularly performed at the temple of Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneyaswami at Tiruvallur. On 27-08-2012, we were at the temple to attend an Ayush Homam. Prior to the commencement of the Homam , devotees were reciting the Sahasranamas of Sri Anjaneyaswami standing before the Moolavar.

Suddenly a large number of crows started cawing loudly. When the devotees chanting the Sahasranamams looked up to see what is happening, a small monkey was sighted. There is no population of monkeys at Tiruvallur. But periodically few monkeys use to visit the shrine. We have even seen them sitting in praying posture and climb to the top of the gopuram. We even used to wonder whether Lord Hanuman is sending them to supervise the work in progress !!!

This monkey did an unbelievable act. You can see from the picture attached a small hole over the head of Swami in the centre of the Garbhagriham ceiling. A cable goes into this hole to the top of the gopuram to energize the lightening arrester. This monkey grabbed the cable , climbed up holding the cable and vanished into the inside of the gopuram through the small hole !!!

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